The Snapdragon Flower

April 12, 2020

Antirrhinum majus

Commonly known as Snapdragon plants, due to their flower’s shape, the Antirrhinum plant is native to Europe, the US and North Africa. They are biennial plants and are ideal for garden borders and enjoy growing in walls.

The Seed

The seeds are very small, spherical and black in colour. Measuring roughly 1mm in diameter and are produced in large quantity from the flowers of previous plants. Like most seeds, they are best stored in a dry, cool location over winter.

snapdragon seed snapdragon seedling

Early Life

The seeds will germinate approximately 8-12 days after putting them in moist soil. They will germinate best inside a propagator or indoors. Ideally sowing the seeds 5-6 weeks before the last frost in spring time. Scatter the seeds, then press lightly into a fine compost.

These seedlings, once of a size of 2-3cm can be transplanted into pots ready for moving outdoors - being careful not to damage the fine roots. The seedlings might struggle initially, after growing in a calm and controlled location, to being put outdoors if the nights are cold or if the weather is harsh with wind and rain. Moving them outside on a shady day to limit the shock can help with this.

early life

early life2

The Plant

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